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This app has been designed to help you learn and memorise essential dua's and surahs used a tried and tested method that has been developed for over 20 years. It comes with english and arabic translations using audio from a world-renowned reciter, to assist your learning.

Once you download the app you will be able to progress through multiple levels of difficulty, and learn dua's which have been extensively researched from authentic sources.


Amazing Features

The Essential Dua's and Surahs app is designed to supplement the Safar Publications learning books, but can also be used as standalone for learning.

User friendly

Easy to learn and memorise

Progressive learning through multiple levels

Audio by a world-renowned reciter

Dua's from authentic sources

Daily reminder notifications

English and arabic voice translations

Virtues for every dua'



Download the App and progress through 10 difficulty levels
that will help you learn and memorise authentic dua's to use every day

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Inspired by Safar Books

Inspired by the Safar books,
which has taken 20 years to develop,
and used in over 500 maktabs
around the world,
including the UK, USA, Australia
and 30 other countries.

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